When configuring a schedule Alloy allows you to configure one or more triggers that are repeated based on set of frequency settings.

Configuring a frequency schedule details

  1. Select the Frequency type. The Frequency schedule page is displayed.

alt text

  1. This page allows you to define a schedule frequency. Select the Starting at field. A dialog displays the calendar to define a date and time that a scheduled task is initially triggered.

alt text

The tab bar at the top of the display indicates the current year and month and the time. By default the calendar displays the current date and the time is set at 00.00.

  1. Select the time tab. A clock dialog is displayed that allows you to enter a time.

alt text


If you require a specific time to be set you must set the time first before selecting the date.

  1. Select Back when you have completed the time. The calendar dialog is displayed.

You can scroll backwards and forwards through the month display by using the buttons.

You can use the tab bar to select other years or months directly.

alt text


You can use the Back button to return to the calendar dialog without changing the month or year.

When you have selected the year or month you require you are returned to the calendar dialog and the month and year are displayed.

When you select a day a halo appears around the day and the calendar dialog closes.

  1. Select the Every field. This allows you to enter the frequency value of the schedule, which is also dependent on the Units field.

  2. Select Units field. A dialog is displayed that allows you to select the frequency units.

alt text

  1. Select the units that you require to complete the frequency settings.