Viewing schedules

Schedules are a form of workflow. Once you have created a schedule it will appear as a workflow and is managed from the the Workflow card.

  1. Go to the Workflow module.
  2. In the left panel, select Workflows. Schedule appear in the list of workflows in the right panel.

alt text

  1. When you have selected the required schedule the details are displayed in the Item details in the right panel.

The General tab is displayed by default, use the Tab bar to view the additional tabs:

  • Logs - this allows you to view the logs for the schedule, you can select and view additional information for each log.
  • Trigger - this allows you to view and edit the trigger settings for the schedule.
  1. Select the in the upper right panel to close the schedule editor when finished.

Viewing schedule logs

Alloy generates a log for a schedule each time it is triggered and you can view the details of each run log..

  1. Use the tab bar to select the Logs tab. The logs for the selected schedule are listed.

alt text

  1. Select a log to view the details of the schedule event, the General page is displayed by default.

alt text

  1. Use the tab bar to select the Run Log tab.

alt text

  1. This displays the Run log page for the selected log with details of the workflow.

alt text