The stencil editor allows you to remove controls from the stencil. This is does not have the effect of hiding an attribute when it is included in an item. Removing a control causes the attribute to be displayed based on the default design settings.


Optional attributes are only displayed if they have been used.

Removing a control

To remove a stencil control:

  1. Access the stencil editor for the design you want to change.
  2. Select the control that you want to hide. A dialog appears alongside the stencil that allows you to hide the control.

alt text

  1. Select the Remove option. The selected control is removed from the list and a notification is displayed that indicates how many default controls are missing from the stencil.

alt text

To restore the missing controls you can select the notification. All the missing default controls are restored to the stencil list.

  1. You can remove one or more controls. When you have finished select the Save stencil button to update the stencil.