The stencil editor allows you to add controls to the design stencil. Not all controls can be used within every stencil, the controls that you can use are limited by the available attributes within the related design.

Adding a stencil control

To add a a stencil control:

  1. Select the More actions button
  2. Select the Add control option to display the Add controls dialog.

alt text

When you select a control it is added by default at the bottom of the stencil list. If you select an existing attribute then it is added immediately after the selected attribute.

  1. A dialog appears alongside the stencil that allows you to configure the control.

alt text

Most of the controls include the following fields by default:

  • Attribute - this allows you to link the control to an attribute within the design.
  • Label - this allows you to define the label that appears on the stencil for the control.
  • Hide control - this allows you to hide the control, without removing it from the stencil.
  • Remove - this allows you to remove the control.

Some controls have additional fields that are required to complete the configuration, you can select the relevant topic from the menu below for additional information for each control type.