Alloy allows you to configure pricing tables that specify how much a team charges to complete different types of work items.

alt text

The tables can include multiple rows for each item, with each row representing a different pricing band. Bands can be created to include any text to serve as a label for a pricing option.

Team pricing manager

Team pricing tables can be created using the Team pricing manager. To access the manager use the following procedure:

  1. From the dashboard select the Activities module.
  2. Select Team pricing. The Team pricing manager is displayed.

    List of work items

    The first column displays a list of all work items on the system.

    List of teams

    The second column displays a list of all the teams on the system.

    Pricing information

    This column allows you to enter pricing information for each team that you associate with a work item.

    Done button

    When you have completed a team pricing table, use the Done button to save the table.


Depending on your permission settings, you may not have access to team pricing. Contact your administrator for assistance.

Team pricing design

When you create a team pricing table the system uses the standard Team pricing design. This design assigns the Title and Sub-title as Team pricing by default.

alt text

You can edit the design and replace the default title and values to provide a more meaningful title and subtitle, for example you can use variables to capture the name of the team and the work item.

alt text

The following figure illustrates how the variables are entered to achieve the output shown above.

alt text

The two variables used in this example are: