When you build a workflow you can link the attributes within certain actions using the workflow editor, to one of the following:

  • Constant - this allows you to set the value for an attribute, for example a specific Task status or Team.
  • Link - this allows you to link the attribute to an input attribute from a preceding action.

You can use the workflow editor for the following action nodes to configure link attributes:

For other action nodes you need to use the AQS builder or API editor together with workflow computations to achieve the same result.

When you create an action node, for example an Edit item) node, the option details are displayed in the Item details page. The fields that are displayed are dependent on the input item to the node. Link attributes are shown with a link icon to the right of the attribute name.

alt text

Linking a constant attribute

  1. Select the attribute you want to link. A dialog is displayed, by default the Constant tab and a list of available constant attributes is displayed.

alt text

The list of attributes are related to the type of attribute that you originally selected. For date and time attributes you define an exact date and time.

  1. Select the constant attribute you require, then select Save.

The Link tab allows you to link the selected attribute to the input from a preceding action node (stage) within the workflow branch.

  1. Select the attribute you want to link.
  2. Select the Link tab.
  3. Select the Preceding stage field.

alt text

  1. All the stages within the current branch are displayed starting with the trigger node as number one.

alt text

  1. Select the stage that you want to link with, the available link attribute inputs for that stage are displayed. The input attributes that are displayed correspond to the type of attribute you originally selected.

alt text

  1. Select the link attribute that you require and select Save.